From concept to completion

Integrated solutions to overcome challenges

We provide innovative and sustainable solutions tailored to your project needs, delivering cost-effective and sustainable results.

All the building’s cable parts in one hand

Internal parts of the project (within the boundaries of the panel):

  • Part E (electrical engineering, solar power plants)
  • Part BMA (building management and automation)
  • Part FSS (fire detection, evacuation management)
  • Part SA (security alarm, access control)
  • Part VS (video surveillance, identification)
  • Part EC (electronic communications, telephony)

Outdoor parts of the project (outside the plot):

  • Parts EDND (electrical entrances, transformer stations, network elevation)
  • Parts DND (communication inlets, network drops, protection)
  • Part SL (street lighting)
Meeting deadlines

With one of the largest design teams in Lithuania, comprising 20 specialized engineers for cable components alone, we consistently dedicate sufficient resources to ensure projects are completed on time.

All cable parts in one hand

We design both indoor and outdoor networks, making project management much more efficient for our clients.

Extensive and diverse experience

We engage in both the technical design stage and contract work, making us adept as both theorists and practitioners. From an early stage, we can accurately estimate the installation costs for various solutions.

Exceptionally organised

We always appoint a project coordinator for the segments we are handling, ensuring smooth communication with all project participants and facilitating easy interaction with our team.

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